Friday, August 12, 2011

Battle Report - Orks vs CSM, 2000 points

Played last sunday against my friend gobsan, who's into Orks and Space Wolves.
My list:

Renegade Chaos Marines - 2000 points
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission
Greater Daemon Prince
3x Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi-melta
5x Chosen, 3x melta, Rhino
5x Plague Marines, 2x Melta, Rhino, Champion
5x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma, Rhino
8x Berserkers, Champion, Power weapon, Rhino
Fast Attack:
5x Raptors, 2x Flamer
Heavy Support
3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators
Chaos Defiler, 2x DCCW

Orks - 2000 points (list is not 100% complete, just what I remember)
Warboss - Power Klaw, Bike, Squig, Cybork
Big Mek - KFF
15x Lootas
15x Lootas
7 Nobs, Wound Allocation wargear, Battlewagon with Deffrolla
19x Boyz - Sluggas, Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole
20x Boyz - Sluggas, Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole
6x Biker Nobs, Wound Allocation wargear + Painboy, 2 Power Claws.
10x Gretchin, Runtherd
Heavy Support
1x Battlewagon with Deffrolla

So yeah, battlewagons and large death star of bikers. I was kinda trembling, since I've no answer for this death star unit, apart from Defiler's battlecannon and Lash, but you can't Lash whole game (or so I though). Plus, my Defiler seem to explode more often than I'd like him to.
We rolled Pithed Battle, Seize the Ground (I think), I went first.

Deployment - CSM
Berserkers and first squad of obliterators on the left, protected by the building. Rest of the army on the right, Defiler and Terminators in reserve.

Deployment - Orks
Boyz and Nobz battlewagons on my left, too far away to get first turn charge. Bikers hang by. Warboss attached to the bikers, Big Mek with boyz. Lootas screened by Gretchin in terrain in the far back middle of his deployment zone.

Turn 1 - CSM
Turn 1 was pretty uneventful, I went forward with everything, screening my princes with terrain, to get a Lash+Charge on the second turn.
Shooting was ineffective, couldn't get even a glance with my Obliterators, shooting lascannons. One pen result was screened by KFF.

Turn 1 - Orks
Gretchin move out of the way, big mek with boyz and bikers advance to the far left to seize obliterators and berserkers from the rest of my force, nobz move closer to the lootas, probably to get a counterchange on princes.
Shooting proved ineffective, 2 loota squads managed to blow up the ride of plasmagun plague marines, I think. Oh, and bikers managed to shake and stun berserkers Rhino.

Turn 2 - CSM
Movement: Defiler, Chosen and GD (damn!) came from reserves. Defiler went behind left squad of obliterators, to counterchange and battlecannon biker nobz. Chosen came from the left flank, behind Big Mek's ride. GD broke away from plague marines and marched towards nobz and their battlewagon. I unloaded my berserkers, thinking that I'd rather charge now than get charged by bikers next turn, Princes were in position to assault.

Shooting: everything went perfect, lash moved right-most loota squad in assault and rapid fire range. Rapid fire reduced lootas to 5 or 6, they failed morale and ran off. Chosen landed both melta shots on the rear armor of the battlewagon, exploding it, killing a couple of boyz in the process and wounding one of the bikers. Defiler tried to battlecannon bikers, but scattered on top of boyz in the crater, who went to the ground for 3++ cover, and lost maybe 4-5 models. Obliterators tried to do something with another battlewagon, but dice was just not hot enough. Berserkers shot bikers and got ready for a multicharge.

Assault: Nurgle Daemon Prince assaulted Gretchin, as it was in assault range and Lootas already ran off. Berserkers assaulted Bikers+Boyz, 1 berserk on the nobs, rest on the boyz. First my Warptimed Daemon prince wiffed 4 attacks out of 5, killing only one gretchin. Impressive, 10.000 years in the Warp - probably never seen them Gretchins. Then my Berserker Champion wiffed all 5 power weapon attacks. Rest of the berserkers managed to kill 8 boyz and wound a Warboss. 9 wounds total.
Hilariously enough, Orks also wiffed most of the power claw attacks, with total of 11 PK attacks and whatever else they had - dropping only 5 berserkers. Then we went for morale checks, but my friend remembered, that he forgot his Nob's PK from boyz's squad, because he forgot model in the box. So yeah, 3 more PK attacks. All 3 of them hit. And hell yeah, I get a 1 on one of the "to wound" rolls. Won combat by 2 wounds, lonely Khorne champion holds against Warboss, 6 Bikers, Nob, Big Mek and 3-4 Boyz. Bikers fail morale with re-roll, boyz fail morale with re-roll. Both swept by the Khorne Champion. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, GOD DAMN IT! Champion consolidates into cover, closer to his rhino, with a bunch of skulls in his backpack.

Orks then concede, as both HQ and death star are dead, troops are destroyed (or locked in deadly combat with Daemon Prince), only one Loota squad and Battlewagon with Nobs on the field and no chance to even draw. Lucky win on a turn 2! My friend wouldn't stop complaining about it, but it's a nice lesson. Berserkers, charging only bikers, would get destroyed. Berserkers in multi-combat with something soft can destroy almost anything. Makes sense? Maybe, not a lot though.

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