Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paint scheme testing.

Man, these hazard stripes are such a paint for a guy that is on caffeine overdose all the time. Anyway, I tried my best on these 5 miniatures, and I think came up with a solution for straight hazard stripes.
On the other hand, minimum 3 layouts of metal are needed, one is darkened boltgun for a basecoat, heavy wetbrush. Then heavy drybrush of boltgun, and then drybrush of mithril silver.
Gold is fairly easy, but just boltgun is not enough as a base. Needs something else.
And eyes, eyes on chaos helmets are just horrible. How are you supposed to paint a hole in someone's head, seriously? Left them red for now, thankfully MK3 Iron Armour helmets are different, and Maxmini ones as well.

Here's a bonus, another set of Forgeworld goodies:

Nurgle Daemon Prince

And Nurgle herald, he was with Daemon Prince. He's useful for Chaos Daemon army, but I don't play one. So I made him into Obliterator a-like creature. Not enough armor, of course. And dakka, you can never have enough dakka.

Bigger photos are in my imgur album.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Progress: 15 models.

Here we go, saturday and 2 cut fingers bring us:

15 bases, primed, ready for painting.

5 raptors with flamers, WIP.

One squad with 2 meltaguns, WIP.

Second squad with 2 meltaguns and aspiring champion, WIP.

Squad's Champion: I very much like how servo-arms worked out, and especially combi-melta. His backpack however needs some work, additional armor plates or something like that, exhausts perhaps.

I haven't glued bolters and other special weapons on, so I can paint them individually. Anyway, main problem for me is that these guys don't look chaotic at all, without paint and hazard stripes. Need more chaos arrows, skulls, horns. On the other hand, Iron Warriors are not that into chaos symbolics at all. I don't know, I'll try to figure something out, I got a lot of bitz to work with.

Oh, and these 5 models I'm going to paint pretty soon, testing paint schemes.

I'm thinking black right shoulder, hazard stripes left shoulder. Perhaps left leg guard in hazard stripes as well, but that would be too much, I guess.

As a bonus some of my favorite Forgeworld models, hope there's going to be some use for them in the future Chaos Legions codex:

Renegade psyker.

Nurgle sorcerer.

Renegade psyker (left) and 2 nurgle heralds.

PS: here's imgur album with better quality. I'll try to find decent camera next time, promise.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress so far

Long time no see.

I've been cleaning up Forgeworld and Maxmini bitz and thinking about how to build them, do I have to pin resin to alter poses, what do I have to magntetize etc.

For now, everything is ready for assembling, I guess that's what I'm going to do on weekend.

Oh, and I've built about 5 extra models from remaining bitz to test paint schemes and different approach to weathering. Going to post some pics over the weekend, hopefully!

Also, I've found some extremely awesome miniatures: I've been thinking about getting some of them. Probably greenstuff them a little, cut it and mix up a little with chaos bitz and skulls. It looks way too AdeptusMechanicusy without it.

First up: as a Chaos Lord/Warsmith on the verge of daemonhood, this guy. Shield is removable, can switch it up to a TL bolter or combi-melta. Bulk up the sword a little, or I could use plastic sword from plastic Daemon prince kit - a perfect daemon weapon.

 These guys are just beautiful. Too techy and mechanic for Obliterators, they however would make a perfect retinue for a Warsmith. Or well, I'll order them anyway and I'll see what they actually look like on a tabletop.

There are two guys with "bolters", can modify it to combi-weapon. One guy with heavy weapon, could modify it a little to resemble Reaper Autocannon more, or just use one from Terminator set.

And one guy with a 2h Halberd and Bolter installed on top of this thing, Adeptus Custodes a-like. Could just name him "Chain Fist guy", make this halberd into a giant chain-halberd and probably get away with it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Forgeworld stuff came in the mail!

Forgeworld stuff came in the mail, quality is breath-taking, really. Plus side is that resin is different, not that white fragile stuff, but very soft and plastic-like.
Not much to trim, a little flash, yet I have to make sure that every model is converted, pose altered somehow and each one of marines is blessed with a bionic limb or two.

I'm still waiting on Maxmini bitz - more bionics, steampunk helmets and melee weapons are in order.
Posting results as soon there's anything to brag about!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Battle Report - Orks vs CSM, 2000 points

Played last sunday against my friend gobsan, who's into Orks and Space Wolves.
My list:

Renegade Chaos Marines - 2000 points
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission
Greater Daemon Prince
3x Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi-melta
5x Chosen, 3x melta, Rhino
5x Plague Marines, 2x Melta, Rhino, Champion
5x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma, Rhino
8x Berserkers, Champion, Power weapon, Rhino
Fast Attack:
5x Raptors, 2x Flamer
Heavy Support
3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators
Chaos Defiler, 2x DCCW

Orks - 2000 points (list is not 100% complete, just what I remember)
Warboss - Power Klaw, Bike, Squig, Cybork
Big Mek - KFF
15x Lootas
15x Lootas
7 Nobs, Wound Allocation wargear, Battlewagon with Deffrolla
19x Boyz - Sluggas, Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole
20x Boyz - Sluggas, Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole
6x Biker Nobs, Wound Allocation wargear + Painboy, 2 Power Claws.
10x Gretchin, Runtherd
Heavy Support
1x Battlewagon with Deffrolla

So yeah, battlewagons and large death star of bikers. I was kinda trembling, since I've no answer for this death star unit, apart from Defiler's battlecannon and Lash, but you can't Lash whole game (or so I though). Plus, my Defiler seem to explode more often than I'd like him to.
We rolled Pithed Battle, Seize the Ground (I think), I went first.

Deployment - CSM
Berserkers and first squad of obliterators on the left, protected by the building. Rest of the army on the right, Defiler and Terminators in reserve.

Deployment - Orks
Boyz and Nobz battlewagons on my left, too far away to get first turn charge. Bikers hang by. Warboss attached to the bikers, Big Mek with boyz. Lootas screened by Gretchin in terrain in the far back middle of his deployment zone.

Turn 1 - CSM
Turn 1 was pretty uneventful, I went forward with everything, screening my princes with terrain, to get a Lash+Charge on the second turn.
Shooting was ineffective, couldn't get even a glance with my Obliterators, shooting lascannons. One pen result was screened by KFF.

Turn 1 - Orks
Gretchin move out of the way, big mek with boyz and bikers advance to the far left to seize obliterators and berserkers from the rest of my force, nobz move closer to the lootas, probably to get a counterchange on princes.
Shooting proved ineffective, 2 loota squads managed to blow up the ride of plasmagun plague marines, I think. Oh, and bikers managed to shake and stun berserkers Rhino.

Turn 2 - CSM
Movement: Defiler, Chosen and GD (damn!) came from reserves. Defiler went behind left squad of obliterators, to counterchange and battlecannon biker nobz. Chosen came from the left flank, behind Big Mek's ride. GD broke away from plague marines and marched towards nobz and their battlewagon. I unloaded my berserkers, thinking that I'd rather charge now than get charged by bikers next turn, Princes were in position to assault.

Shooting: everything went perfect, lash moved right-most loota squad in assault and rapid fire range. Rapid fire reduced lootas to 5 or 6, they failed morale and ran off. Chosen landed both melta shots on the rear armor of the battlewagon, exploding it, killing a couple of boyz in the process and wounding one of the bikers. Defiler tried to battlecannon bikers, but scattered on top of boyz in the crater, who went to the ground for 3++ cover, and lost maybe 4-5 models. Obliterators tried to do something with another battlewagon, but dice was just not hot enough. Berserkers shot bikers and got ready for a multicharge.

Assault: Nurgle Daemon Prince assaulted Gretchin, as it was in assault range and Lootas already ran off. Berserkers assaulted Bikers+Boyz, 1 berserk on the nobs, rest on the boyz. First my Warptimed Daemon prince wiffed 4 attacks out of 5, killing only one gretchin. Impressive, 10.000 years in the Warp - probably never seen them Gretchins. Then my Berserker Champion wiffed all 5 power weapon attacks. Rest of the berserkers managed to kill 8 boyz and wound a Warboss. 9 wounds total.
Hilariously enough, Orks also wiffed most of the power claw attacks, with total of 11 PK attacks and whatever else they had - dropping only 5 berserkers. Then we went for morale checks, but my friend remembered, that he forgot his Nob's PK from boyz's squad, because he forgot model in the box. So yeah, 3 more PK attacks. All 3 of them hit. And hell yeah, I get a 1 on one of the "to wound" rolls. Won combat by 2 wounds, lonely Khorne champion holds against Warboss, 6 Bikers, Nob, Big Mek and 3-4 Boyz. Bikers fail morale with re-roll, boyz fail morale with re-roll. Both swept by the Khorne Champion. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, GOD DAMN IT! Champion consolidates into cover, closer to his rhino, with a bunch of skulls in his backpack.

Orks then concede, as both HQ and death star are dead, troops are destroyed (or locked in deadly combat with Daemon Prince), only one Loota squad and Battlewagon with Nobs on the field and no chance to even draw. Lucky win on a turn 2! My friend wouldn't stop complaining about it, but it's a nice lesson. Berserkers, charging only bikers, would get destroyed. Berserkers in multi-combat with something soft can destroy almost anything. Makes sense? Maybe, not a lot though.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Battle Report - Space Wolves vs CSM, 2000 points

Once again played against my friend, who's into Orks and Space Wolves.
My list:

CSM - 2000 points
Chaos Lord - Mark of Tzeench, Daemon Weapon, Terminator Armor
Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime - forgot one Rhino, couldnt be arsed to proxy.

4x Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi-melta, Reaper Autocannon, Power Fist, 2x Chainfists
5x Chosen, 2x melta, Rhino

5x Plague Marines, 2x Melta, Rhino
5x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma, Rhino
8x Berserkers, Champion, Power Fist, Rhino

Fast Attack:
5x Raptors, 2x Flamer, Champion, Dual Lightning Claws

Heavy Support
3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators
Chaos Defiler, 2x DCCW

Space Wolves - 2000 points
Rune Priest - Living Lightning, Jaws, Chooser of the Slain
Rune Priest - Jaws, Murderous Hurricane

5x Wolf Guard Terminators - different wargear, CML, Wolf Claws, Power Fists in a Land Raider with Multi-Melta, Extra Armor
3x Wolf Guard with Power Fist, Combi-Melta

8x Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standart, Meltagun, Rhino
8x Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standart, Meltagun, Rhino
9x Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standart, Meltagun, Rhino

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta
Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

Heavy Support
Long Fangs, 5x Missile Launchers, Razorback with Lascannon and Twin-link Plasmagun
Long Fangs, 5x Missile Launchers, Razorback with Lascannon and Twin-link Plasmagun

We rolled Dawn of War, Annihilation, I went first.

Deployment - CSM
Lord and Terminators, Raptors and Chosen are in reserve.
Deployed Berserkers, Plasma Plague Marines and Daemon Prince, each other close by to another to the right, behind some ruins.

Deployment - SW
Land Speeders are in reserve.
Priest with Raven and 2 rhinos with Grey Hunters are deployed, about 24 inches away in the middle.

Turn 1 - CSM
Turn 1 was pretty amazing. Moved everything forward 12, and tried to blow up a Rhino with rapidfiring plasma. Passed distance test, and oh jesus, 3 ones out of 4 dice. Seriously. Both Plague Marines fail armor save, FnP save and dropped right on the spot. Nice first turn. It gets better, wait!

Turn 1 - SW
Rhinos drive by the Berserker Rhino, Living Lightning and 3 melta shots manage to explode it through smoke. Berserkers landed into the crater without a scratch, with chain axes ready to rumble.

Turn 2 - CSM
Everything comes forward from the long edge. Lord comes from reserves and fails a deep strike within 12 to at least melta some rhinos. Scatters far away, into a crater. Well, at least no casualties on the landing.
TL Reaper Cannon manages to land one shot on the rhino, no effect. Obliterators blow up one Rhino, and shake another. Berserkers and Plague Marines throw some bolter fire on exposed Grey Hunters+Rune Priest, no effect.
Daemon Prince with failed Warptime charges Rhino, Berserkers charge Grey Hunters. Berserkers go first, 28  WS5 S5 attacks take out... one Grey Hunter. Seriously, Wolf Standart is amazing. Then Daemon Prince easily blows up a Rhino, 5 inches explosion radius. Lands on my Power Fist Champion and him.. I'm Rolling 6 to wound on both, 1 to save on both. Nice, any chances to at least draw combat are lost, Daemon Prince lost a wound. No fear, Grey Hunters just rolling over Berserkers before resolution. Looked kinda desperate.

Turn 2 - SW
Warptime fails. Both Speeders fail reserve rolls. And basically, everything in his army shoots at Daemon Prince. I'm saving almost all of it, and down to one wound. Rest of the force is untouched.
Jaws hit Lord and his terminators, passed 3 tests - everything's fine.
Terminators charge the Prince, who rolls horribly, landing only one wound which is saved. Prince dies. It's good enough anyway, eating a whole turn of shooting from 2000 points of Wolves!

Turn 3 - CSM
Raptors fail reserves, Chosen come into play right by the Lord and his retinue.
Plague marines disembark and walk away to the ruins. Rhino tankshocks wolf guard terminators, no effect, but lined them up - good enough. Lord and his team moves forward a little, afraid to leave cover due to lascannons and jaws running wild in the open.
Shooting is mostly ineffective. Well, actually, 3 obliterators are just in 36' range of plasmacannoning exposed Terminators. So I roll 2 hits, and 1 small scatter. 3 wounds on Grey Hunters in cover, 6 wounds on 5 terminators without cover. Hilariously, he fails a save on the guy that got 2 wound, and passes four other 5+. Amazing. Really. Really???
Oh, and Defiler Battlecannon shell scatters to nowhere with double sixes. Oh, and 2 Chosen Meltaguns manage to shake and immobilize another Priest's Rhino - shooting point blank.
Overall, Lord's shooting daemon weapon - at Long Fangs - was the most effective in this turn. Reaper wiffed once again.
Nothing to charge with. Waiting for Long Fangs to lay the fire in the next turn.

Turn 3 - SW
Speeder comes in, lands nearby Defiler and Melta PM's Rhino. Terminators embark back in Land Raider. Exposed Grey Hunters spread around, Grey Hunters near Chosen leave the Rhino and walk forward, failing both melta shots on the Rhino. Now in Assault distance for a Lord with decent terrain roll.
Shooting almost anything in the empty Rhino - shaken indefinitely. F7U12.
No assault action.

Turn 4 - CSM
Raptors fail to come in on a 2+. Lord walks towards Rune Priest and his marines, small Plague Marines squad enters the Ruins. Rhino can't move and most likely will die next turn. Melta Marines are getting ready for Deep Striking Speeder, hiding hull in the bush in the middle of the map.
Obliterators advance further, shooting Plasma Cannons at marines in cover. It's not very effective with mass Get Hot! rolls and crazy Cover Saves. Plague marines rapid fire some Grey Hunters that spead in craters in the middle, killing maybe 2 of them. Chosen shoot at the Razorback, blowing off Plasmagun.
Plague Marines blow up Land Speeder.
Chosen charge Razor, shaking him. Lord and his team charges Rune Priest and his Grey Hunters, Lord rolls 6 on his Daemon Weapon Roll. 10 attacks on the charge total with WS6 and S5. Lord splattered 4 Grey Hunters, then squad traded hits with Grey Hunters and Rune Priest, killing 1 more and taking a Power Weapon wound and Normal wound. Terminators failed both saves. Nice. Lord managed to dodge a Power Fist in the face, combat won, Grey Hunters ran off the table. Consolidation roll - 1'. Preparing to eat Lascannons in the face next turn.

Turn 4 - SW
Speeder comes into play, in between Land Raider and my Lord. Land Raider gets in position in the middle, shooting Lascannon at Chosen Rhino to no effect. Rest sits.
Shooting is not very effective, Defiler obviously blows up, Melta PM's Rhino saves everything.
No assault.

Turn 5 - CSM
Raptors come in, fail to land besides Long Fangs and land just behind their Razorback, which screens them from flamers and bolters. Nice. Lord and his termies fails to come into other Long Fang's crater, no assault next turn. They shoot instead, Daemon weapon proves it's effectiveness, killing 2 more Long Fangs.
Melta PM's Rhino speeds towards the Land Raider, both Meltas just in Melta range after disembark - both shots land, pen and explode Land Raider. 2 out of 4 Wolf Guard Terminators fail saves. Pass morale.
Obliterators blow up razorback that is an obstacle for Raptors, which then try to fry some Fangs, but no effect. Chosen manage to blow off all the weapons from Razorback. Charge - Chosen charge Razorback and wreck it.

Turn 5 - SW
Almost no movement and no effective shooting. Grey Hunters squad shooting Raptors, it's not very effective. Last Rhino blows up, Terminators charge Melta Plague Marines, both have Wolf Claws. They manage to take out two. Then 3 Plague Marines attack back, landing 2 wounds. Terminators fail both saves, at this point I'm laughing hysterically. Plague marines consolidate towards last Land Speeder. Grey Hunters charge Raptors, combat ends up in a loss for CSM, for 1 wound, morale passed, 3 raptors left.

Rolling for Turn 6 - 3, it's happening.

Turn 6 - CSM
Lord and his termies fail to come in the terrain far enough to assault Long Fangs, again. Obliterators move forward and lay off plasmagun fire on the Grey Hunters + Rune Priest in the middle. 12 TL Plasmagun shots >  Grey Hunters, finally. Lord and Termies shoot at Long Fangs, killing all but one. He passes morale.
Plague Marines blow up another Land Speeder.
Raptors manage to win the combat by 1 - 3 raptors vs 5 Grey hunters with Mark of the Wulfen, Guard with Power First, Hunters fail morale and run off the board.

Turn 6 - SW
Long Fang destroy Raptors, shooting Missile Lauchers point blank.

Win for CSM!

Iron Warriors List

However, the list. Goods have not arrived yet.
I'd like to have old good Basilisk, but unfortunately, I can't have it (yet?). Perhaps in a new codex. List I came up with:
  • HQ:
  • Warsmith - Chaos Lord, Mark of Tzeench, Daemon weapon, Terminator armor.
Why Tzeench? Obviously, it's just a stat upgrade and ability to shoot your Daemon weapon - which will be displayed as a heavy weapon in additional mechanical limbs. Perhaps I can just switch it up to vanilla Lord with combi-melta to save points.
  • Elite:
  • Warsmith's Bodyguards - 4 Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi-weapons, Reaper Autocannon, Powerfist, Chainfist.
Loadout is fluffy enough and works well enough. Perhaps 2 Chainfists?
  • Warsmith's Chosen - 5x Chosen, 3x melta, Rhino.
Outflankers, elite guard of the Warsmith. Pre-heresy armor is going to fit well on these.
  • Troops:
  • 2x Iron Warriors Veterans - 5x Plague Marines, 2x Melta, Rhino.
  • 1x Iron Warriors Veterans - 5x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma, Rhino.
Massive bionic implants to cover Feel no Pain, additional Toughness and lower Initiative, as bionic limbs may make you stronger and tougher, but most likely will slow you down. Check Storm of Iron, when Honsou almost dies because of veteran marine and his bionic leg.
  • 1x Iron Warriors Berserkers - 8x Berserkers, Champion, Powerfist, Rhino.
Totally fluffy, Storm of Iron - don't even have to paint them red, just cover in blood and make them a little more mentally unstable looking.
  • Fast Attack:
  • Iron Warriors Raptors - 5x Raptors, 2x Flamer
This unit is questionable to me, according to the fluff. But Maxmini turbofans - pre-heresy jump-packs - look so awesome and techy to me, I just can't pass the opportunity to model these. They are HUGE, by the way. Much bigger than your average Assault Marine's jump pack. Most likely they are just going to sit on a shelve, looking pretty.
  • Heavy Support
  • 2x Iron Warriors Obliterators - 3x Obliterators
  • Iron Warriors Vindicator - Chaos Vindicator, Daemonic possession.
No explanation needed. Daemonic possession is actually likely to happen in Iron Warriors, at least that's what I got from Storm of Iron.

Warsmith arrives with his retinue via Deep Strike, or starts on the board - depends on deployment. Chosen outflank, troops occupy midfield while Obliterators and Vindicator lay the fire.

What do you think, what would you change? Remember, it's Iron Warriors, maximum fluff without losing much of playing ability. So no Daemon Princes, Summoned Daemons, Possessed, Sorcerors (maybe a little). Yes, I'm stretching it with Tzeench mark and Plague marines, but it's going to be modelled correctly, and I just don't want to use Loyalist codex to interpret CSM, such as SW and BA codices, that fit a lot better in infantry department.

Post #1

I'm about to start yet another CSM army.

I already own about 3000 points of CSM with various themes, basically - true Renegade Marines big warband - my first battleforce was CSM. Also, about 1000 points of Dark Eldar, which will be expanded to a full 2000 point force. Dark Eldar Codex is just way too awesome to pass up, currently I'm struggling with possiblities, writing and re-writing my list.

I'm looking forward to the future release of Chaos Legions in 2012, so I decided to start Iron Warriors. And maybe Word Bearers next. And Night Lords... ehhh, back to the topic. Basically, themed army. With one undivided style. I love Chaos, so I was between  Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Magnus's Thousand Sons and Iron Warriors in the end. I've been reading Storm of Iron and Dead Sky, Black Sun lately, so naturally I went with Iron Warriors. I want some titans wrapped in hazard tape, eventually.

Obviously, list has to be fluffy, models have to be awesome. I've ordered MKIII and MKII power armors from Forgeworld, various bits from Maxmini - steampunk weapons and bionic bitz, other conversion bitz and special weapons(123), old shattered fabric bases. Everything has to be perfect, you'd understand. I even bought some old TCG Chaos and Dark Eldar decks, just so maybe I'll see something amazing as art on these cards, such as one of these.

For now, I'm just waiting for my bitz to arrive, to start building. Takes very long time in Russia, eh.