Sunday, September 18, 2011


Painted a squad of Raptors just for the kicks. Hands were shaking, so not really that fine of a job. Good enough for a tabletop, I suppose.

In process did a minor conversion on an old metal Daemon Prince, and will paint him as an Iron Warrior later.

 Looking at painted raptors, I realised that there's really not too much detail, especially chaotic details - they look really bland. Got back to 2 assembled squads and made them look a little more bold.


  1. I really like them, especially the old school jetpacks.

  2. Yeah, these are really good looking turbofans.

    Maxmini also released Iron Pattern Jump packs, something more in a MK5 power armor theme. They look amazing. Probably will end up getting them some day.

  3. Looks great! Are the chainswords also from maxmini?

  4. Yep, so-called Steampunk weapons. Ordered 3 sets, used chain swords on normal infantry, saved chain axes for Iron Warriors Berserkers squad. There are also a couple of large Chain Poleaxes, they look awesome.