Thursday, August 11, 2011

Iron Warriors List

However, the list. Goods have not arrived yet.
I'd like to have old good Basilisk, but unfortunately, I can't have it (yet?). Perhaps in a new codex. List I came up with:
  • HQ:
  • Warsmith - Chaos Lord, Mark of Tzeench, Daemon weapon, Terminator armor.
Why Tzeench? Obviously, it's just a stat upgrade and ability to shoot your Daemon weapon - which will be displayed as a heavy weapon in additional mechanical limbs. Perhaps I can just switch it up to vanilla Lord with combi-melta to save points.
  • Elite:
  • Warsmith's Bodyguards - 4 Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi-weapons, Reaper Autocannon, Powerfist, Chainfist.
Loadout is fluffy enough and works well enough. Perhaps 2 Chainfists?
  • Warsmith's Chosen - 5x Chosen, 3x melta, Rhino.
Outflankers, elite guard of the Warsmith. Pre-heresy armor is going to fit well on these.
  • Troops:
  • 2x Iron Warriors Veterans - 5x Plague Marines, 2x Melta, Rhino.
  • 1x Iron Warriors Veterans - 5x Plague Marines, 2x Plasma, Rhino.
Massive bionic implants to cover Feel no Pain, additional Toughness and lower Initiative, as bionic limbs may make you stronger and tougher, but most likely will slow you down. Check Storm of Iron, when Honsou almost dies because of veteran marine and his bionic leg.
  • 1x Iron Warriors Berserkers - 8x Berserkers, Champion, Powerfist, Rhino.
Totally fluffy, Storm of Iron - don't even have to paint them red, just cover in blood and make them a little more mentally unstable looking.
  • Fast Attack:
  • Iron Warriors Raptors - 5x Raptors, 2x Flamer
This unit is questionable to me, according to the fluff. But Maxmini turbofans - pre-heresy jump-packs - look so awesome and techy to me, I just can't pass the opportunity to model these. They are HUGE, by the way. Much bigger than your average Assault Marine's jump pack. Most likely they are just going to sit on a shelve, looking pretty.
  • Heavy Support
  • 2x Iron Warriors Obliterators - 3x Obliterators
  • Iron Warriors Vindicator - Chaos Vindicator, Daemonic possession.
No explanation needed. Daemonic possession is actually likely to happen in Iron Warriors, at least that's what I got from Storm of Iron.

Warsmith arrives with his retinue via Deep Strike, or starts on the board - depends on deployment. Chosen outflank, troops occupy midfield while Obliterators and Vindicator lay the fire.

What do you think, what would you change? Remember, it's Iron Warriors, maximum fluff without losing much of playing ability. So no Daemon Princes, Summoned Daemons, Possessed, Sorcerors (maybe a little). Yes, I'm stretching it with Tzeench mark and Plague marines, but it's going to be modelled correctly, and I just don't want to use Loyalist codex to interpret CSM, such as SW and BA codices, that fit a lot better in infantry department.

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