Thursday, August 11, 2011

Post #1

I'm about to start yet another CSM army.

I already own about 3000 points of CSM with various themes, basically - true Renegade Marines big warband - my first battleforce was CSM. Also, about 1000 points of Dark Eldar, which will be expanded to a full 2000 point force. Dark Eldar Codex is just way too awesome to pass up, currently I'm struggling with possiblities, writing and re-writing my list.

I'm looking forward to the future release of Chaos Legions in 2012, so I decided to start Iron Warriors. And maybe Word Bearers next. And Night Lords... ehhh, back to the topic. Basically, themed army. With one undivided style. I love Chaos, so I was between  Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Magnus's Thousand Sons and Iron Warriors in the end. I've been reading Storm of Iron and Dead Sky, Black Sun lately, so naturally I went with Iron Warriors. I want some titans wrapped in hazard tape, eventually.

Obviously, list has to be fluffy, models have to be awesome. I've ordered MKIII and MKII power armors from Forgeworld, various bits from Maxmini - steampunk weapons and bionic bitz, other conversion bitz and special weapons(123), old shattered fabric bases. Everything has to be perfect, you'd understand. I even bought some old TCG Chaos and Dark Eldar decks, just so maybe I'll see something amazing as art on these cards, such as one of these.

For now, I'm just waiting for my bitz to arrive, to start building. Takes very long time in Russia, eh.

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