Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress so far

Long time no see.

I've been cleaning up Forgeworld and Maxmini bitz and thinking about how to build them, do I have to pin resin to alter poses, what do I have to magntetize etc.

For now, everything is ready for assembling, I guess that's what I'm going to do on weekend.

Oh, and I've built about 5 extra models from remaining bitz to test paint schemes and different approach to weathering. Going to post some pics over the weekend, hopefully!

Also, I've found some extremely awesome miniatures: I've been thinking about getting some of them. Probably greenstuff them a little, cut it and mix up a little with chaos bitz and skulls. It looks way too AdeptusMechanicusy without it.

First up: as a Chaos Lord/Warsmith on the verge of daemonhood, this guy. Shield is removable, can switch it up to a TL bolter or combi-melta. Bulk up the sword a little, or I could use plastic sword from plastic Daemon prince kit - a perfect daemon weapon.

 These guys are just beautiful. Too techy and mechanic for Obliterators, they however would make a perfect retinue for a Warsmith. Or well, I'll order them anyway and I'll see what they actually look like on a tabletop.

There are two guys with "bolters", can modify it to combi-weapon. One guy with heavy weapon, could modify it a little to resemble Reaper Autocannon more, or just use one from Terminator set.

And one guy with a 2h Halberd and Bolter installed on top of this thing, Adeptus Custodes a-like. Could just name him "Chain Fist guy", make this halberd into a giant chain-halberd and probably get away with it.

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