Monday, August 29, 2011

Progress: 15 models.

Here we go, saturday and 2 cut fingers bring us:

15 bases, primed, ready for painting.

5 raptors with flamers, WIP.

One squad with 2 meltaguns, WIP.

Second squad with 2 meltaguns and aspiring champion, WIP.

Squad's Champion: I very much like how servo-arms worked out, and especially combi-melta. His backpack however needs some work, additional armor plates or something like that, exhausts perhaps.

I haven't glued bolters and other special weapons on, so I can paint them individually. Anyway, main problem for me is that these guys don't look chaotic at all, without paint and hazard stripes. Need more chaos arrows, skulls, horns. On the other hand, Iron Warriors are not that into chaos symbolics at all. I don't know, I'll try to figure something out, I got a lot of bitz to work with.

Oh, and these 5 models I'm going to paint pretty soon, testing paint schemes.

I'm thinking black right shoulder, hazard stripes left shoulder. Perhaps left leg guard in hazard stripes as well, but that would be too much, I guess.

As a bonus some of my favorite Forgeworld models, hope there's going to be some use for them in the future Chaos Legions codex:

Renegade psyker.

Nurgle sorcerer.

Renegade psyker (left) and 2 nurgle heralds.

PS: here's imgur album with better quality. I'll try to find decent camera next time, promise.

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