Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paint scheme testing.

Man, these hazard stripes are such a paint for a guy that is on caffeine overdose all the time. Anyway, I tried my best on these 5 miniatures, and I think came up with a solution for straight hazard stripes.
On the other hand, minimum 3 layouts of metal are needed, one is darkened boltgun for a basecoat, heavy wetbrush. Then heavy drybrush of boltgun, and then drybrush of mithril silver.
Gold is fairly easy, but just boltgun is not enough as a base. Needs something else.
And eyes, eyes on chaos helmets are just horrible. How are you supposed to paint a hole in someone's head, seriously? Left them red for now, thankfully MK3 Iron Armour helmets are different, and Maxmini ones as well.

Here's a bonus, another set of Forgeworld goodies:

Nurgle Daemon Prince

And Nurgle herald, he was with Daemon Prince. He's useful for Chaos Daemon army, but I don't play one. So I made him into Obliterator a-like creature. Not enough armor, of course. And dakka, you can never have enough dakka.

Bigger photos are in my imgur album.

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